Website Applications D - M for Your Website.

Documents App

Documents App will organize your forms, flyers and brochures allowing easy lookup and retrieval of all your documents. This document management system is easy to learn.
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Embed HTML iframes App

Embed HTML iframes App will allow you to embed applications build by other popular websites. You will be able to add calendars and videos that allow you to copy and paste their embed code into your website.
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Events App

Events App displays upcoming events with detailed information. Events can be set to appear on the website's home page.
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FAQs App

FAQs App displays frequently asked questions. Display the question and answers. PDF documents can be attached to the question. All Questions can be categorized for simpler management of the questions.
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Links App

Links App displays your sites links that you want linked to. The links can be categorized. Three display options are the list, details and thumbnails view of the website. The logo of the website your linking to can be attached.
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Locations App

Locations App displays multiple locations of your business. Include the address and photo of the location.
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Map It App

Map It App allows you to display the place of business using Google Maps. If an optional mapping service is preferred we can embed the code in this app from other sources like Yahoo Maps.
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