Website Applications A - C for Your Website.

About App

About App allows you to inform your customers about who you are, your history, and about your story.
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Brochures App

Brouchres App allows you to put your brochures and flyers online. Your customers will appreciate an easy to find your marketing materials for viewing and printing. Your flyers and brochures are uploaded as a PDF document along with an image or picture of the brochure or flyer.
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Calendar App

The Calendar App allows you to integrate popular online calendars from Keep and Share or Google Calendars. Other calendaring services can be integrated into this application.
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Catalog App

The Catalog App is an advanced application to display your producst. This application has many options to integrate searching of productgs, categorizing your products, PayPal payments, photos, and photo galleries, videos of products and much more.
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Contact Form Apps

Contact Form Apps have another of options available for easy contact froms with auto responders. Customize the form with options and questsions. Select one that saves the information into a database for later retrieval. Leads management back office allows you to retrieve the data for insertion into leading newsletter applications.
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Coupons App

The Coupon App allows you to upload special offers and discounts on productst and services. Use this App to help drive customers to save money with you.
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